Where to go walking

Discover all the information you need to feel well equipped to head out on a walk and know where to go.

Are you ready to pull on your walking boots and get exploring the great outdoors? You’ll find all the information you need on where you can go walking, to feel confident and well equipped to head out on a walk.

A world of new walking opportunities awaits you. 

A group of people walking across and open field of wildflowers

Where you can walk in England and Wales

Helping you understand your rights, where you’re allowed to walk, and how to find new places to explore.

A tranquil lake surrounded by green hills with mountains in the distance

The Countryside Code

The Countryside Code is your essential guide to enjoying walking in parks and by waterways, at the coast and in the countryside.

A group of six Ramblers walking along a narrow track across moorland

A simple guide to Scottish access rights

How to enjoy Scotland’s world-class access rights, while following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

A group of people walking along a path among trees

Planning a walking route

Choosing the location and distance are just two important aspects of planning a walking route. Here is our guide to a well-planned walk.

A group of seven young hikers following a narrow path across moorland

Scottish Paths Map

You can find paths across Scotland using our Scottish Paths Map, the best-ever map of the nation’s trails.

A group of people walking along a path among trees

What to expect when you join a Ramblers group walk

Ramblers group walks open up a world of walking opportunities for everyone.  You can expect a warm welcome, a well-planned route and good company.