About Walking with Us


Walk with us

If you wish to join one of our walks and need further information, please contact the walk leader, details in our current walk programme, who will be pleased to answer your questions. If you are not a member of the Ramblers you will be welcome to try up to three walks with us before joining.

When and how far

Our walks range from strenuous, for the very fit walker, to the more leisurely paced walks, which still require a reasonable level of fitness.

A regular week looks like this:

  • Sunday - a choice of two full day walks including a picnic lunch.  Typically one will be a moderate or a strenuous walk between 9 and 13 miles and the other a leisurely walk between 7 and 9 miles.
  • Wednesday – often a choice of two full day walks including a picnic lunch, either moderate or strenuous and between 8 and 12 miles.
  • Friday – a choice of two morning walks, usually one leisurely and the other moderate, between 4 and 6 miles.  Sometimes there is the option of a pub lunch afterwards.

Please take time to look at  Walks Difficulty and Grading to see how our walks are graded so that you can choose a walk that suits you.

We always leave at the appointed time so it is advisable to arrive in good time to get parked and booted up. Dogs can be welcomed see Walking with Dogs.

What to Bring

​On day walks bring sufficient food and drink for a picnic lunch and snacks.  We usually stop for elevenses, again for lunch and often for a water break in the afternoon. On half-day walks bring something for a mid-walk break.   On hot days make sure you bring plenty of extra water and on cold days a hot drink is always welcome.

Walking boots or strong shoes and waterproofs are always advisable.  A warm hat and gloves should be carried when it's cold as well as a spare warm layer; the weather can often change during the walk. Please note that we do not recommend walking in jeans - if they get wet they are slow to dry and cease to protect you from the cold; this is particuarly important when walking on hills and moors in winter!  In the summer bring a sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

It's recommended, to carry some contact details for a family member or friend with you in the unlikely event that you become unwell or are involved in an emergency for instance an ICE (In Case of Emergency) card. See Practical Advice for Group Walking for details.

It is sensible to carry a first aid kit for your personal use to include something for scratches, blisters and insect bites together with any medication you may need.

In addition, some walkers like to use one or two walking poles.  Also consider taking a mobile phone.

Finding the Start

​Modern OS maps explain in the key how to find the grid references that are used in our paper programme.  If searching online, just click on the walk that interests you: it will show you a map of the area with the start point marked, together with the nearest postcode; please take care with postcodes as they can cover a large area especially in the less populated countryside. If in doubt please contact the walk leader for more details.

You may find this Grid Reference/Post Code finder site useful.

Please also see Practical Advice for Group Walking for some useful hints and tips about walking in a group with East Devon Ramblers.

Walk Cancellations

​It is rare for walks to be cancelled. If there are extreme weather or traffic conditions, please phone the leader to see if a walk is going ahead.