Group name: Brentwood

This group is a part of Essex Area.

Our activities include:
Short and easy walks, Path maintenance

COVID-19 - Brentwood Ramblers Walks

Our Normal 4 Months Walks Programme is now in effect, although some walks may still be restricted in numbers. Certain guidelines are still in place, please see Our Next Walks and the Latest Notifications for further Information.

About Us

There are 20 walking groups in Essex operating under the auspices of The Ramblers. Brentwood Ramblers has been in existence since 1968 and has long been one of the more successful ones. Its catchment area is formally defined by Brentwood Borough Council District, but many members live outside this area and opt to join it and enjoy its activities.

Our walks programme extends to more than 200 walks a year. We walk half days every Saturday and Thursday; Full days every Sunday and Tuesday of the year, as well as Wednesday summer evenings. Full day walks are generally of 10-12 miles and half days 5-6 miles. Many of the walks are in our local area but we do travel further afield into Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire and Suffolk. Coach walks to other areas, weeks away and weekends away complete our programme.

Starting on 8th December we will be offering an additional Slower/Easier walk on one Saturday a month of about 4 miles .In January, February and March, this will take place on the first Saturday of the month. See Our Walks Programme for this period.

At Brentwood Ramblers we are known as "The Friendly Walking Group", so come along and join us - Get Fit, Make Friends and Have Fun.

A principle objective of The Ramblers is to promote walking activities and to protect paths and rights of way. We work closely with the local authority to clear paths, repair bridges and stiles etc, - this proves to be a surprisingly enjoyable as well as a very beneficial activity.

Another objective is simply to enjoy ourselves in the countryside and to engender a sense of fun and companionship in everything we do. Hopefully this arises spontaneously on our walks, but we do run a number of social activities to help to further this objective.

If you wish to become a member of Ramblers, after trying one or two walks from our programme, please complete the online membership form to Join Ramblers. The website provides various membership & payment options.

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