2022 Summer Programme

We produce two extensive walk programmes every year. Please see our Summer Programme above, which offers Wednesday evening walks, 7 - 9 pm as well as Sunday walks.

Throughout the year we arrange full day walks (8 to 10 mile) on Sundays.  Sometimes we are able to offer a shorter option.   

During the winter (September to March) we also, hope to offer some mid week walks which have been, very well attended.

Download our latest

Summer Walks Programme 2022.pdf


Walker Notes : Due to COVID-19, we all need to take extra steps to stay safe. It is the walker's responsibility to follow all safety advice given by the walk leader, including adherence to the social distancing guidelines during the walk.

Walkers are responsible for their own safety and it is strongly advised that you carry a basic first aid kit. Ensure that the kit includes as a minimum, plasters, sanitising gel, wipes and a face mask. A plastic bag should be carried for disposing of any used first aid kit.

If you would like to join a walk and booking required, please contact the walk leader and sign up in good time. If you are subsequently unable to attend the walk, please cancel your booking so that someone else can take your place.

A walk register with walker contact details will be taken and subject to sharing if requested by NHS Test and Trace.

The Ramblers position is that car sharing is not recommended with anyone outside of your household or social bubble.


Forthcoming VOG Ramblers Weekend away will be in Llandudno  7-9th October 2022.