Group name: Bury

This group is a part of Greater Manchester & High Peak Area.

0161 797 2610

Bury Ramblers Group is part of the Greater Manchester and High Peak Area of the Ramblers. We have approximately 230 members.

We organise all-day walks on most Sundays of the year. On some Sundays, there is a choice of walks. Sometimes a half-day "Welcome Walk" is provided which is aimed at encouraging people to walk who have previously done very little walking. Coach trips are arranged currently on 2-3 Sundays in the year. On each of these, there is a choice of three walks. In the summer months we hold Wednesday Evening Walks which are of about 5 miles in length. The group size on our walks is usually somewhere between 10 and 20 people.

Where a Coach Trip has been arranged, tickets must be purchased in advance, and paid for within 7 days of booking. No refunds can be given unless the seat can be resold. No dogs (except registered assistance dogs) are permitted, and no smoking is allowed. Details of the next Coach Trip are given on the Sunday Walks Programme page.

The current programme of walks is posted in libraries and information centres. The programme is also available on our web site www.buryramblers.com, and includes any late changes or cancellations to walks, unless these occur too late to be included. Once this is available, the grid reference of the walk start point will be added, and also any additional information, such as a description of the walk, where this has been provided by the leader.