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Group name: Alnwick

This group is a part of Northumbria Area.

Our activities include:
Short and easy walks

Tips for our walk leaders in the current hot weather

In the days before the walk:

  • Check weather forecasts and adjust the route, or cancel as you feel necessary 
  • Give particular consideration to very lengthy and/or difficult walks, and whether some adjustments might be prudent 
  • Think about shady spots to rest, extra stopping points, and encourage participants to bring extra fluids and appropriate sun protection 
At the start of the walk:
  • Hold a pre-walk briefing and explain any adjustments to the walk as a result of the weather 
  • Ask if walkers have plenty of fluids, and invite anyone with concerns to speak to you in private before you set off 
 During the walk: 
  • Allow for regular re-grouping and head-counts 
  • Build in extra resting points and steer towards the shade 
  • Be alert to any problems with individuals who might be flagging in the heat 
At the end of the walk: 
  • Check that everyone has returned and is feeling OK 
  • If there have been any problems on the walk, please report them to us as soon as possible via the Incident Report Form
Longer Walks
There is information about longer walks this summer on the Nothumbria website, link above

Shorter Walks

This year we would like to to join in with the existing Health Walks, be ambassadors for Ramblers and meet people who might want to walk further. See Shorter Walks on this page for more information. 

Also on this page is a link to advice about leading a walk, and a growing list of our favourite walks which you can choose from if you want to help and lead one of our walks. Contact us if you need help, advice or someone to recce a walk with.

Alnwick Ramblers is a friendly group who enjoy walking in the beautiful North Northumberland countryside.

​We organise regular walks led by group members – a great way to get outside and make new friends. You’re very welcome to try walking with us, just turn up and say 'Hello'.

Our Sunday walks are usually around 8 miles long, almost always start at 10.30 at the published starting point, so get there a little early to park. You will need a packed lunch, something to sit on at lunch and be equipped with walking boots and sticks, if you like to use them. Don't forget that on any walk the weather can change so pack a waterproof as well. After the walk there is usually a visit to a cafe.