Group name: Huddersfield

This group is a part of West Riding Area.

Our activities include:
Path maintenance

Welcome to walking with Huddersfield Group! Our packed programme includes at least one walk every Sunday, often in the beautiful countryside around Huddersfield, sometimes further afield. Also, we have monthly "A+" grade walks on Saturdays for those who enjoy something more energetic! We also offer walks of up to 5 miles on Tuesday evenings in summer.

In 2019 we launched our new C walk summer programme, offering an easy monthly Saturday walk of 4 to 5 miles, aimed especially at families and people new to walking with us.

All our walks are circular unless otherwise stated. We care about our footpath network, and work with the local authority and other volunteer groups to protect these. Our lively social scene includes meals out, events and holidays.


In 2020 many of our walks have been cancelled due to the virus. The Ramblers have now advised that group walks of up to 30 people can resume, but our home area continues to be part of the local lockdown in northern England. 

Please see for the Ramblers latest Covid 19 information, and follow the advice on taking part in Covid safe walks.

Our "Group Walks" information shows the current status on whether walks have been cancelled or not. For some of our most popular walks (Sunday A walks and Tuesday evenings) there will be a pre-booking system in place where people who have not booked will not be permitted to join the walk. Where booking is required, there will be a link on the walk page.

Before coming to a walk, please check the current status, as arrangements may need to change at short notice.