What we do

Footpath maintenance   

Although footpath maintenance is the responsibility of Derbyshire County Council, we have in the past given them assistance. This is currently not required, and any work is being done on a parish basis in areas such as Ashover and Wingerworth.  

Footpath problem reporting  

During November and December 2021, we reported 28 problems relating to footpaths to the Council. This is on top of any reports from individual members of the group. During this same period three problems were marked as complete or action agreed. A review of outstanding problems in comparison with the council tracking system resulted in a total of 157 reports being closed.  

Planning Applications / Modification Orders  

  • Planning applications (Outline Submission/Consultations – 1 objection raised) 
  • Modification Orders – 1 footpath diversion Unstone FP 37, not objected but counter proposal raised. 
  • Planning Applications - 15, with one objection.