Our community guidelines

Our guidelines are designed to ensure that our community spaces are friendly and welcoming for everyone.

The Ramblers is Britain’s walking charity   

At the Ramblers we open the way so everyone can get out and go walking. We’re committed to fostering an environment that values and celebrates everyone’s unique experiences, perspectives and backgrounds. In line with our values, our community spaces should be inclusive, positive, informative and inspiring. 


Our guidelines 

Whether using social media or attending a Ramblers online event, we ask our community members to follow some simple guidelines in order to keep things friendly:  

  • Be polite, courteous and respectful of others.  

  • Do not post content that is discriminatory, racist, obscene, inflammatory, harassing, hateful, threatening, profane or personally abusive.  

  • Do not post anything that could be libellous or defamatory: if an accusation is made against a named person, for example at a member of staff or a volunteer, we will hide it.  

  • Do not post adverts for commercial products or services.  

  • Do not post about issues that are off topic i.e. spam.  


Social media 

On Facebook and Instagram we use filters to automatically hide obscenities. We also use our own discretion to hide comments that go against our guidelines. Your comment may still be visible to you but won't be visible to others. If we hide your comment, we will let you know you have contravened our guidelines.  We will block users from the page if the nature of their comments does not change.  

Facebook's general community guidelines should also be considered when using the site.    

Our social media channels are routinely moderated Monday to Friday.   

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The Ramblers commitment to being an anti-racist organisation

We want everyone to feel welcome in our organisation and wherever they enjoy walking so we are committed to being an anti-racist organisation.

About us

About us

In 1935 the Ramblers Association was created and ever since we’ve been doing everything we can to make sure everyone everywhere can enjoy nature on foot.


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