The Ramblers commitment to being an anti-racist organisation

We’re committed to fostering an environment that values and celebrates everyone’s unique experiences, perspectives and backgrounds

Removing barriers  

At the Ramblers we open the way so everyone can get out and go walking. Across Britain, we break down barriers that stand in the way and make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy walking. ​​We’re committed to fostering an environment that values and celebrates everyone’s unique experiences, perspectives and backgrounds.  We recognise that systems of inequalities exist which create barriers to people participating in sport and physical activity, including walking.​​ We want everyone to feel welcome in our organisation and wherever they enjoy walking.  

We are an anti-racist organisation and commit to the following: 


Growing awareness and understanding  

We believe knowledge is a powerful tool for making a difference and we’re committed to educating ourselves and our broader community about racism. We’ll identify and share information to help everyone understand racism and how to effectively fight against it.  

Challenging racism

We see that systemic racism does a lot of harm and keeps the status quo inequitable both within our organisation and in the larger community. ​​​​We will actively talk about what’s unfair and unequal and work on finding solutions and putting them into practice. ​​Diversity in pictures alone is not good enough. 


Safe spaces and consequences for racist behaviour 

Our spaces must be safe for people from Global Majority backgrounds. We won’t put up with racist behaviour or actions within the Ramblers, and there will be clear consequences for it. 


Recognising intersectionality

Our anti-racism work takes into account that people may experience multiple types of discrimination. We must consider the unique challenges that individuals face based on their race combined with other factors such as gender, age, background, socio-economic status, sexuality and ability


Being accountable

We take action and hold ourselves accountable in our anti-racism efforts. This isn’t just within our organisation; we’ll also be open with the public about it. We recognise that this is a journey to being anti-racist and we’ll keep checking our progress and sharing updates.

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