Group name: Sandwell

This group is a part of Staffordshire Area.

Walking with us is a great way to explore green places inside and outside Sandwell ...

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The beauty of walking is that you need very little to get going. We recommend that you bring comfortable boots or stout footwear, waterproof clothing, a hat and sun protection in the summer and gloves and warm clothing in the winter. Bring plenty of water, and a packed lunch for day walks. We will sometimes stop in a pub so please be prepared to cover your boots, or take them off. If you are a passenger in a car share, please bring a change of footwear.
Furrows photo by Pat
Other stuff
Most of our walks take place in the open countryside, so expect stiles and mud. Some of our walks are graded as Moderate. These walks have hills and plenty of ups and downs - so you will need a good level of fitness. However, most of our walks are graded as Leisurely and are for walkers with just a reasonable level of fitness.  
We may occasionally have to change walks at short notice. Registered assistance dogs only. Members and their guests take part in all events at their own risk. Children should be accompanied by adults. We request that you keep behind the leader and co-operate with her or him, especially when you are asked to walk in single file along roads or across fields or to keep together near livestock such as cattle or horses. Please avoid noise when close to houses or animals and comply with the country code.
We try to run walks whatever the weather. However, in extreme weather conditions it is wise to contact the walk leader in case of changes.
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The Sandwell Group is a member of the Staffordshire Area Ramblers as well as the Ramblers whose values are to be:
  • welcoming - to all, and particularly to newcomers
  • positive - looking to have fun and create enjoyment
  • inclusive - welcoming people from diverse backgrounds, and being sensitive to the needs of different communities
  • ethical - being respectful of others, honest in what we say, and thinking through the consequences of what we do
  • environmentally responsible - promoting activities and behaviour which are sustainable and which benefit the environment

Please join us now and support the good work of the Ramblers at the same time. You will experience the warmth and good humour of our group. You know you want to!

Shadows photo by Pat