Online Training

Access a wealth of online training for your role in our training library

You can access any training courses that are relevant to your volunteering role, some of which will be mandatory, in our online training library.   

You’ll need to set up a My Ramblers Account to access training.  
If you’re a member or access our routes library, you’ll already have an account. If not, set one up then make sure you check your email inbox to verify it. If you have any issues with setting up your account, refer to our Setting up a My Ramblers Account guidance.  

New to volunteering? You will need to be added to the Ramblers’ systems as a volunteer so you are able to access our online training. This can be done by the lead volunteer who supports you, such as group chair, walks programme coordinator, or project coordinator. Once you receive an email confirming you are set up as a volunteer you may need to wait up to 48 hours before accessing the online training. 

Training Library Link

Training Library

Access all online training relevant to your volunteering role here.

If you are having any issues with logging into your ‘My Ramblers’ account please contact our supporter care team at  


More about volunteering

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Why volunteer

Discover how supporting the Ramblers can help achieve a future where everyone can enjoy walking outdoors.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Find the right role for you and help us make a difference.

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Supporting other volunteers

If you support other volunteers as part of your role, use the online form to tell us about new volunteers or roles. You can also let us know of any training that has taken place offline, by filling out the offline training spreadsheet.