How we are organised

The Ramblers groups, areas and trustees.

Whether you live in England, Scotland or Wales, all members are part of the Ramblers.


Local groups

There are over 500 Ramblers groups across Britain. Groups are run entirely by local volunteers. Local group activities can include inspecting and maintaining paths, organising group walks or running local campaigns. Each group is run by an elected committee giving members ownership of what we do locally. We have over 100,000 members.


Regional areas

Our local groups are organised into 59 regional areas.  Area volunteers help support and coordinate the work of the local groups.  Area volunteers provide a first point of contact for the Ramblers with local government, other local charities, and the local offices of national bodies such as Natural England. 



Volunteers are our driving force. Without their hard work and dedication, we simply wouldn’t exist.  Some 22,000 people generously give their time come rain or shine, to make a difference to the things that matter most to walkers.   


The staff team 

The Ramblers has a staff team of around 100 people located across Great Britain.  Some staff are home-based whilst others are based in our offices in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff.   



The honorary position of president is currently held by Amar Latif, known from his television appearances as the blind adventurer. Amar’s aim is to use the high-profile honorary role to promote the important work of the Ramblers to ensure that walking is accessible to anyone.  

A group of people walking along a hedge lined path, in the sun

Our governance 

The Ramblers is a charitable company limited by guarantee, incorporated on 11 June 2002 and registered as a charity on 29 August 2002.


Our board of trustees

As a charity, the Ramblers is governed by a board of trustees which comprises up to 15 members. The trustees are volunteers and also directors under company law.  The Board of Trustees has the overall responsibility for ensuring that the Ramblers pursues its charitable objects, complies with its own constitution and relevant legislation, regulation, guidance and best practice.  It also ensures the charity applies its resources exclusively to its objects and safeguards and advances the interests of walkers throughout Great Britain.   

More information about the board of trustees and sub-committees is available here and you can download the charity’s memorandum, articles and standing orders here.


General Council 

General Council is the body of around 150 people who are defined as company members for Companies Act and other legal purposes.  General Council members include our trustees, president, vice presidents and members appointed by Ramblers Areas and national affiliated organisations.    

At the annual general meeting normally held in April each year, Council members elect members of the board of trustees and provides guidance on policy by debating motions. Council can also approve changes to our constitution. More information about General Council and the annual general meeting is available here


Ramblers Scotland

About Scottish Council

Scottish Council provides an opportunity for members to influence Ramblers Scotland policy on specific Scottish matters, take part in workshops and training events and elect the Committee for Ramblers Scotland and is an opportunity to debate motions. The annual general meeting is normally held in March each year. Scottish Council members include Ramblers Scotland Strategic Committee, the Motions Committee, our president, vice presidents, members appointed by Ramblers Scotland Areas and Groups and our affiliated organisations. It brings together members from our 55 groups and provides a great opportunity to share news with other members and catch up on what Ramblers Scotland has been working on over the last year.

Ramblers Scotland Strategic Committee (RSSC) is the national committee who help shape the strategic direction of the work carried out in Scotland. Meet the RSSC members here.



Ramblers Cymru

Ramblers Cymru has its own Council of members which meets annually to debate and recommend policies that are specifically related to Wales. The board of trustees has delegated authority to a committee in Wales whose members are elected by Council and have oversight of activities in Wales. 

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Our history

Since 1935, we’ve been doing everything we can to make sure everyone everywhere can enjoy nature on foot.

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What we do

The Ramblers open the way for everyone to enjoy the simple pleasures of walking. And we step up to protect the places we all love to wander.

A group of walkers enjoying a coastal ramble

Our impact – what we have achieved

By becoming a member of the Ramblers you will help to protect the places we all love to walk. Join us and help make a difference.