About Scottish Council

Scottish Council, brings together members from our 54 groups and provides a great opportunity to share news with other members and catch up on what Ramblers Scotland has been working on over the last year. It also provides an opportunity for members to influence Ramblers Scotland policy on specific Scottish matters, take part in workshops and training events and elect the Committee for Ramblers Scotland.

The conference is held normally during March each year. 

Who can attend?

  • One delegate from each group
  • Two delegates from each area
  • Honorary Officers of the Council
  • One delegate from each organisation affiliated to the Council
  • Up to three representatives from the Board of Trustees
  • Members of the Ramblers Scotland Strategic Committee
  • Members of the Motions Committee

In addition, other Ramblers members may attend as non-voting observers, the cost being paid out of area or groups funds or by themselves.

Motions - What are the motions all about?

Motions are resolutions submitted by those entitled to attend Council.  The motions may call for a range of things, including a change in the policy of Ramblers Scotland or a call for another body to do something.