Walking after a hip replacement  

Follow your doctor’s advice and you will soon be able to enjoy walking again.

Getting active after a hip replacement  

There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy walking after a hip replacement operation, provided you build up your distance gradually.  You will need to follow your doctor’s advice about returning to exercise and take extra care as you regain your strength. 


Start with gentle walks  

Start with easy walks along flat routes, avoiding uphill routes which might encourage your body to lean forward. You should also choose routes with good path surfaces so that you’re less likely to come across any hazards that might cause you to trip. 

Our library of tried and tested walking routes includes easy access routesdesigned for those with reduced mobility. As you recover strength and flexibility you should soon be able to enjoy longer distances if you wish. 


Consider using walking poles 

Some hip replacement patients find walking poles helpful when walking after an operation. Make sure they have a good grip and are the correct length for your height so you can maintain good posture.  Take a look at our guide to walking poles before visiting an outdoor retailers who will be able to provide advice on the best model for you. 


Take your first steps to being more active, with confidence   

If you feel you would benefit from some additional support as you build back up to walking you may like to try Ramblers Wellbeing Walks. Support from trained walk leaders helps you take those first steps towards being more active. And you’ll be amongst a friendly bunch all walking for their own reasons - whether to ward off illness, manage health conditions or boost wellbeing.  


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Wellbeing Walk Groups

Ramblers Wellbeing Walks groups are all over England and there should be some within easy reach of where you live. Search by location to a local group.

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Walking with health conditions

Walking can help manage health conditions, reduce symptoms, and boost our mood. We’ll help you take your first steps to being more active, with confidence.

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Getting started with walking

Our Wellbeing Walks make getting active easier, for everyone. Because you’ll be walking with others, you’ll feel safe, be supported, and have fun along the way.