Walking and pregnancy

Walking during pregnancy  

Exercise and staying active when you’re pregnant     

The NHS encourages mums-to-be to stay active during pregnancy. Gentle, low impact exercise is best which makes walking ideal. And because you can adjust your distance and speed as your body changes, it's perfect throughout your pregnancy.  

Is it safe to walk during pregnancy? 

It’s perfectly safe for most healthy people to walk while pregnant, but if there are any complications with your pregnancy, or are likely to be, speak to your midwife before getting more active.  

Pregnancy and the benefits of walking  

Walking helps reduce the risk of morning sickness, constipation, cramps, and varicose veins. It can help with getting a good night’s sleep too. And you may find you’re able to better cope with labour when the day arrives.  

Getting started with walking when you’re pregnant 

Depending on your fitness level pre-pregnancy, you should be able to walk as normal during the first two trimesters and continue into the third trimester for as long as you feel comfortable. Here are a few things to think about to help you keep walking throughout your pregnancy: 

  • With a little effort you should be able to hold a conversation while you walk. If you can’t, try walking at a slower pace, take regular rest stops and make sure you keep a good posture while you walk 

  • Wear supportive shoes and comfortable clothing  

  • Choose routes with even ground and avoid dangers like cliff edges  

  • Avoid walking in the heat, and never walk at the hottest time of day  

  • Always carry water and drink regularly 

  • As your due date gets closer, walk nearer to home, consider shorter walks or routes with a shortcut in case you get tired 

  • If you experience exhaustion, dizziness, fainting, breathlessness, blurred vision, contractions, or vaginal bleeding while out walking, stop and if necessary, get medical advice  

By getting into the habit of walking while you’re pregnant and keeping it up after baby is born, you’ll set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle and be more likely to walk as a family as your little one grows.  

Find your local health walk 

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You can find out more about exercise during pregnancy by visiting www.nhs.uk