The Plogsland Round

Plogsland Round 6.jpg

The Plogsland Round is a 47 mile circular walk around Lincoln. Throughout Lincolnshire there are many delightful walks over public rights of way, but it is often necessary to use a car to get to them. Plogsland Round, Lincoln was designed to reduce the necessity for lengthy car journeys and also to offer the possibility of using public transport from Lincoln to all of the start / finish locations.

The circular route is divided into five sections, starting at Fiskerton. They are: Fiskerton to Nettleham; Nettleham to Saxilby; Saxilby to Thorpe-on-the-Hill; Thorpe-on-the-Hill to Branston; Branston to Fiskerton.  The guide gives clear directions for all sections and includes sketch maps of the route. Terrain details, distances, estimated walking times and public transport details are included.

The route description was updated in 2020 and is now available to downoad free of charge here.

Plogsland Introdution Leaflet.pdf

Plogsland Section 1 Leaflet Fiskerton to Nettleham.pdf

Plogsland Section 2 Leaflet Nettleham to Saxilby.pdf 

Plogsland Section 3 Leaflet Saxilby to Thorpe.pdf

Plogsland Section 4 Leaflet Thorpe to Branston.pdf

Plogsland Section 5 Leaflet Branston to Fiskerton.pdf

Plogsland Round maps are produced under a Ramblers licence with Ordnance Survey         © Crown copyright and database rights 2021 OS 100033886              

Plogsland Round Map Fiskerton to Nettleham 1-1.pdf

Plogsland Round Map Fiskerton to Nettleham 1-2.pdf

Plogsland Round Map Nettleham to Saxilby 2-1.pdf

Plogsland Round Map Nettleham to Saxilby 2-2.pdf

Plogsland Round Map Saxilby to Thorpe 3-1.pdf

Plogsland Round Map Saxilby to Thorpe 3-2.pdf

Plogsland Round Map Thorpe to Branston 4-1.pdf

Plogsland Roung Map Thorpe to Branston 4-2.pdf

Plogsland Round Map Branston to Fiskerton 5.pdf