South Ribble

Group name: South Ribble

This group is a part of Mid Lancashire Area.

South Ribble is a District in a band from west of Preston to west of Blackburn in Lancashire, centred between Preston and Leyland.

The South Ribble Walks Programme offers weekly Thursday afternoon walks (5-6 miles), based mainly in Central Lancashire and the adjacent areas to the south and east. The walks start at 1pm. There is no guarantee on how long a walk lasts, but around 3 hrs would be typical.

The area is largely flat farmland so many of the walks are classified as "Leisurely", some include the smaller hills in the area and are classed as "Moderate". There are no "Strenuous" walks. Good footwear is always appropriate as is sensible outdoor clothing. Walks will include a break for refreshments.

If you need any clarification of a walk, you can usually contact the walk leader on the numbers given with the walk description. Failing that, feel free to email through the contact above, it's likely you will get a pompt response.

If you are interested in doing more than enjoying the walks, there are usually some tasks that you can offer to help with. These include organisational tasks, and checking footpaths. See the "Want to Help" at the right.

All groups welcome people to walk with them a few times without joining the Ramblers.