South Shropshire

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Group name: South Shropshire

This group is a part of Shropshire Area.

Descending Linley Hill in winter.

About the Group:

South Shropshire is a friendly group offering a programme of walks suitable for adults throughout the year, across and around the beautiful South Shropshire Area and surrounding counties. We welcome new members but would suggest that some experience of walking in a rural area be gained first as the terrain can be challenging, often remote, hilly and usually includes a number of stiles or gates.  We try to include shorter and flatter routes where possible to encourage the inexperienced or less able to join us.  Walk attendance averages between 10 and 20 people at any one time, so we get to talk to everybody, and a cup of tea and a slice of cake at one of the local tea shops where possible is always welcome at the end.  Walks are usually on Sundays and are day walks varying from 6 to 12 miles requiring a picnic lunch, and plenty of fluids, but there are occasional Saturday walks or summer evening walks.  We also try and include at least one weekend away each year and a couple of social events. Members are encouraged to suggest and organise social activities.  Help is always available.

Visitors are always welcome on our walks, but we would appreciate it if you would book your place on a walk with the leader, and leave contact details in advance. Walks may be cancelled at short notice, and it is helpful to the leader to know how many to expect. Lateral flow tests are advised in advance of any car sharing arrangements or indoor activities. Finish times can also vary considerably, the advised time on the website is only an approximation. If you are unsure of your ability to do a walk do have a chat with the leader in advance.


Suitable clothing is essential, including waterproof jacket and stout and waterproofed boots.  Layers are abvised as temperatures and conditions can vary considerably during the day, and at any time of year, and hat and gloves are often needed.

Travel arrangements

In normal circumstances, due to the geographical spread of South Shropshire, there are no formal car sharing arrangements, but members are encouraged to share cars wherever possible to reduce the pressure on parking places and to allow lifts for people without their own transport. We always meet at the start point of the walk, and grid references and postcodes are listed. We like to set off on time (usually 10.00am) so please arrive early enough to get your boots on and make yourselves known to the leader and other walkers.

Dogs Policy

Assistance dogs are allowed on walks, but the very rural nature of the terrain in South Shropshire and surrounding counties does pose its own difficulties.  Anyone wishing to bring an assistance dog on a walk would be advised to contact the leader in advance. Otherwise, we regret that dogs are not allowed on our walks.