Group name: Walsall

This group is a part of Staffordshire Area.

01922 692929
Our activities include:
Short and easy walks, Path maintenance

********************​********** NEWS​ ******************************

Ramblers walks and path maintenance activities in Walsall are suspended due to the English national lockdown.  We will not be able to restart the walks programme until the restrictions are lifted.  More information can be found here.

Central Office is updating its register of volunteers and their responsibilities.  It appears that this is an insurance requirement.  Anyone who received the volunteer newsletter dated 16th June should sign up for Assemble and update their data as described.  Any volunteer (walk leader, path maintainer, litter picker or committee member) who did not receive the newsletter should e-mail their name, membership number, group, role(s), and approximate start date for each role to Volunteersupport@ramblers.zendesk.com  and either the group chair or group secretary.

Improvement works to M6 junction 10 have started.  This work is expected to take two years and members joining walks where the journey to the start will go through the junction should allow for disruption and be prepared to take an alternative route. The footpath across the junction linking the two parts of Wolverhampton Road will be closed from November 5th.

Read the latest about the Cannock Chase Special Area of Conservation Mitigation (parking) Plan here.

The Group is now able to send out e-mails to its members again. To make it easier for Ramblers to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation rules on subject data access we will be using the e-mail addresses stored on the Central Office membership database rather than maintaining our own.  Members who have not signed up to receive emails should go through the  steps described on this link.  Logging in subsequently will grant access to the Ramblers discount scheme and parts of Ramblers Routes which are not available to the general public.

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The Walsall Group seeks to bring the pleasures of walking to as many people as possible in the Walsall Metropolitan Area. We feel that being in a predominantly urban environment is no reason not to be involved in walking with the group. We have excellent motorway and road links from the town and hence we can be in many completely different areas of the West Midlands region within an hour of setting off.  Under normal circumstances we also walk in the East Midlands and in summer in Wales, Cheshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.  However at present the areas where we are allowed to walk are restricted by the Coronavirus regulations, when we can walk at all.

Our primary Walks Programme normally provides two different types of walking experiences throughout the programme’s six-monthly period. We have Main Walks which are generally in the region of 10 miles or so and tackle slightly tougher terrain and also Leisure Walks which are up to 7.5 miles and are taken at a slightly slower (more leisurely) pace. We run one of these alternately on almost every Sunday throughout the year.

For the Winter 2020-2021 programme this pattern will be dropped and there will be a programme of walks mostly within 30 miles / 1 hour of Walsall.  However on the first Sunday of the month we may be travelling further afield.

We also have a Fortnightly Saturday Walks Programme throughout the year with walks up to 4 miles for those who either are new to walking or have perhaps not walked for a while. These are designed to gently encourage potential new members to try us out in a safe and friendly atmosphere. These walks are generally held within about 30 minutes of travelling time from Walsall itself.  At present these walks take place every week when permitted.

All of the above walks will have been checked out by our Walk Leaders ahead of the actual date on the programme, so there shouldn’t be any unforeseen issues ‘on the day’.

At the other extreme we have some Super Walks in the summer which are further away than our other walk offerings, hence we do them in the summer when daylight is longer. These are not always pre-walked and there are opportunities for members to hone their map reading skills by assisting the leaders on the walk itself.

Under normal circumstances the Walsall Group encourages car-sharing as it reduces travel costs and means we can use smaller parking areas which gives us more choice of start points.  Anyone wishing to walk with the group but make their own way to the start point should contact the walk leader beforehand to confirm the start point and time.  At present the scheme is suspended due to Covid-19 and walker must make their own way to the start of the walks.

​We also have a busy Footpath Maintenance Team, working in conjunction with Walsall Councils’ Highways Department, who regularly go out to repair/replace footpath furniture and clear away overgrowth within the Walsall Borough.

The Group also organises occasional litter picking sessions in the countryside around Walsall,  Contact Anne Ball for details.

Our group normally has an active Social Calendar with an event generally every month for those who wish to take part.

Information can be posted out to anyone making enquiries by using the e-mail link above or telephoning any Committee Member.