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Every donation made to the Ramblers is crucial – not least helping protect the places we all love to walk. But did you know it also has the power to change lives?  

To some people, walking means more than you might imagine. 

It’s why we’re so passionate about opening the way for more people to go walking and to experience the joy and benefits it brings. Walking can change lives.  

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We all know that walking is a tonic for everyone’s mind and body and helps us lead happier, healthier lives.  But what’s less well known is that walking is incredibly powerful for those of us dealing with serious or chronic health problems - from depression to diabetes. 

Will, Dee and Gina have all faced major health challenges, but their lives have been transformed by walking. And it’s people like you who have helped the Ramblers be there for them in their time of need.

Please read their stories. Your donation today could be life-changing for others in the future. 

Will, Dee & Gina's stories

a male rambler overlooking a river with several small boats parked by the riverbank

Walking for health

From living with a heart condition in his mid-20s to completing a 100km walk, Will values walking as a way of staying fit and well.

A woman smiling outside.

How walking helped my mental health

Gina tells how walking with others has helped her feel like herself again and why she encourages those with mental health struggles to join a walking group.


Walking for confidence

Dee used walking to shed her excess weight and get her health and confidence back on track.


A donation could help us: 

  • Protect the places and paths that inspire more people to go walking and bring respite and happiness to many.  

  • Deliver more, sometimes life-changing group walks that tens of thousands of people rely on for companionship or improving their health. 

  • Eliminate the many barriers that shut out millions of people from going walking. 



Please donate. With your help today, we could help many more people to walk—and change lives for the better.  

Donate online or over the phone by calling 020 3961 3232.  

Thank you for your support.  

group on city walk

Fundraising at the Ramblers

How we raise funds to support our work and how to take action if you are concerned about our fundraising.

A group of young adults sitting on a rock, posing with shovels

Other ways to give

Take on a challenge in aid of the Ramblers or fundraise while you do your daily walk or weekly shop.


The Ramblers' Supporter Promise

The Ramblers relies on the generosity of its supporters. That’s why we put you at the heart of everything we do – read our promise to you.