New Volunteer or Role Webform - FAQs


How can I add a new volunteer or add a new role to an existing volunteer record?

Lead volunteers such as chair, secretaries walks programme coordinator, or project coordinator (any volunteer role where they support other volunteers) can let us know about new volunteers by filling the form in the supporting other volunteers section of our website.    

Once we have this information, it will be uploaded to our records one a week on a Thursday. 


Why are we changing the way we add new volunteers or new volunteer roles? 

We want to improve the process to give volunteers a better experience. The new process will take a little bit longer, but will make sure our data is more accurate and prevent multiple different accounts being set up for the same volunteer, which is an issue with the current system.  


What details will I need to provide for a new volunteer?  

We need to know their full name, their postcode, their volunteer role, a valid email address and the group, area or project team they are volunteer in. If they’re also a member of the Ramblers, we’ll also need their membership number. 


If a volunteer does not have an email address, can they be added using the new webform? 

No, to add new volunteers through the webform and validate these details against our existing records an email address is required. If a volunteer doesn’t have an email address or can’t provide it please contact us on 


Will lead volunteers still be able to add new volunteers and new roles to existing volunteers in Assemble? 

You won’t be able to add new volunteers, but you will be able to add new roles to existing volunteers. We’re currently reviewing Assemble so this is likely to change in future. We’ll keep you posted through the volunteer update.  


Once the webform has been completed how long will it take for new volunteer to be recorded on the system?

It can take up to 7 days for a new volunteer to be recorded after their details are entered into the webform. 


Once a new volunteer is recorded, what will they receive from the Ramblers?  

New volunteers will receive an email to welcome them to the Ramblers’ team, provide details on setting up a ‘My Ramblers’ account and point them in the direction of support, resources and advice. 


Once recorded, how long before a new volunteer can access Ramblers systems with their ‘My Ramblers’ account login?  

Once recorded, it may take up to 48 hours for an individual to login and access online training with their ‘My Ramblers’ account. If they do not yet have a ‘My Ramblers’ account they can follow the steps to set this up in the welcome email they received.  

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Why volunteer

Discover how supporting the Ramblers can help achieve a future where everyone can enjoy walking outdoors.

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Supporting other volunteers

If you support other volunteers as part of your role, use the online form to tell us about new volunteers or roles. You can also let us know of any training that has taken place offline, by filling out the offline training spreadsheet.