Group name: Shrewsbury

This group is a part of Shropshire Area.

Our activities include:
Path maintenance

Based in the County town, our group walks cover Shrewsbury, the Shropshire Hills and the Welsh Borders. 

Newcomers are always welcome. All walkers need to contact the walk leader to book on the walk. Amendments to walks are advertised on a local Whatsapp Group, Facebook and via Email.

Tuesday's Thursday's  and Sunday's are the regular walking days. Tuesday and Sunday walks are between 7.5 and 10 miles are generally  graded between moderate and strenuous.  Packed lunches are essential on a Tuesday and Sunday. Thursday walks are graded between easy and moderate and range between 5 and 7 miles. See our guide to walk grades.  There are occasional Saturday walks using buses. Suitable footwear is absolutely essential.

We meet at 9.15am for a 9:30am depart at Abbey Foregate car park on Sundays ,at the back of the Park and Ride in Meole Brace on Tuesday's and the rear of the Beaten Track Public House  off Old Pott's Way on Thursday's. In the Summer time there are Wednesday evening walks starting at 7:00 p.m. from various local pubs.

Please use your car if possible to help with lifts for those who do not drive. Cars that are full via local pick ups go straight to the start point rather than visit the meeting point. Cars that are not full are encouraged to visit the nominated meeting point to pick up other Ramblers. Unused cars are lefy at the meeting point. Passengers make a contribution to the driver based on mileage.

Dogs ( except registered assistance dogs) are not allowed on walks.

We have an 'Away Week' holiday in late Spring with daily walks in good walking territory. Also occasional coach trips. In October we have an away week usually in a HF House.

Shrewsbury Ramblers publish a walk programme 3 times per year. 

The NEW walk programme is available here. This runs until the end of August 2022.  The "news" items are now in a separate newsletter - see the current edition here

Times stated in the programme are at the starting  point . Please arrive 10 minutes early if you need to boot up. . You need to book onto a walk through the walk leader,

Walks are primarily intended for Ramblers members. However, non-members are very welcome to join as guests for upto three walks to try us out. Assuming the new Rambler intends to become a regular walker, they are expected to have paid their subscription by the fourth walk. Ramblers members from other groups and areas are, of course, welcome too.

Walks are graded using Ramblers National guidelines. Where a Grade+ follows a walk description it indicates that the walk is harder than the average for the "nominated grade", but its ascent or terrain does not warrant it being placed in a higher category. Please ensure you are capable of completing the length and grade of the walk.

The walk leader will be responsible for giving route instructions. Walk instuctions will be issued to Ramblers from the front of the group. Ramblers should refrain from walking ahead of the leader. The only exception to this is where Ramblers are walking up an incline and where the natural pace of a walker may mean he passes the walk leader. It is assumed that  this will be the exception and that Ramblers will pause to allow the walk leader to resume the lead as soon as the incline has been completed.