Group name: Wolverhampton

This group is a part of Staffordshire Area.

Our activities include:
Short and easy walks, Path maintenance

Our group helps walkers of all ages to enjoy walking and protect the places we all love to walk.  

We organise led walks ranging from 4.5 miles to 20+ miles in length – a great way to get outside, make new friends and discover how walking boosts your health and happiness.   We walk many Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, some Wednesday evenings from May to August and also during the week - see list of forthcoming walks on this page in 'Our group walks' box.

In line with government guidelines Ramblers have confirmed that group walks can commence from 29 March 2021 up to a maximum of 30 people. On this basis our walks programme will commence  shortly.   We will continue to offer "Pop Up"  walks,  however,  the size of the groups will vary and will be decided by each walk leader. Booking for all walks remains essential 

Latest guidance from the ramblers can be found here



Our walks programme with plenty of  information, will be found in the blue-background block on this page, to the right on laptops/desktops and below on mobiles >>>>

You can view a month at a time, and move forward by clicking/tapping on 'More walks...' at the bottom of the block for first move and 'Next' subsequently.   Further details of start point, Leader and Leader's contact phone number can be obtained by clicking/tapping on the main title of a walk.

You’re very welcome to try walking with us and/or become involved in looking after paths and green spaces and opening up new places to explore.   Give us a ring or send an email if you are wondering about whether to join us, and we can advise as to the most appropriate walks for new walkers.

All our walks fit into the easy, leisurely, moderate or strenuous categories: People in doubt about their fitness or equipment should contact the leader in advance.
EASY [ E ]: walks for anyone who does not have a mobility difficulty or a specific health problem or is not seriously unfit.  Comfortable shoes or trainers can be worn in dry weather.
LEISURELY [ L ]:  walks for reasonably fit people with country walking experience.  Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are recommended.
MODERATE [ M ]: walks for people with country walking experience and a good level of fitness. Walks may be at a brisk pace.  Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are essential.
STRENUOUS [ S ]: Walks for experienced country walkers with an above average fitness level. May include hills and rough country, and will be at a brisk pace. Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are essential.


Walk Description forms.
Walk Leaders need to complete a Walks Description form when submiting their proposed walk details.   If you wish to complete a form using computer, click on the download link of the ".rtf" version, which can be displayed by most word processing software.   Note that you will probably need to click a button or save the file before the document becomes editable.   In any case, edit and SAVE the completed form on your computer or mobile before adding it as an attachment to an email when returning to the Dave our Webmaster via his email address:
  (also see updated form).  

The ".pdf" version should only be required if the ".rtf" version cannot be displayed.   The ".pdf" version can be displayed and printed but not easily edited.   A photo of a hand-completed form taken with a mobile phone could be submitted as an attachment to an email.

DOWNLOAD LINKS for Walks Description Forms

.RTF version Walk Description form

.PDF version Walk Description form

Please do include GRID REFERENCE (and Post Code if available) and note that DATES CANNOT BE RESERVED WITHOUT DETAILS (this is a function of the new programme method).


Currently, due to Covid restrictions, walks must not have more than 30 walkers including Leader.  In many cases Leaders may wish to specify a maximum considerably less than 30.  Please add a Maximum to all Walk Description Forms.    A Walk Description without a  specified Maximum will be given one of 30. 

Walkers will ring up the Leader in advance to book places on the walk, or be placed on a waiting list if all places are taken.

The outline programme is only editable by Webmaster.