Wetherby Walking

Group name: Wetherby Walking

This group is a part of West Riding Area.

Our groups help local people enjoy walking and protect the places we all love to walk. Most groups organise regular walks led by local experts – a great way to get outside, make new friends and discover how walking boosts your health and happiness. You’re very welcome to try walking with us, or to get involved in looking after paths and green spaces and opening up new places to explore. 

We require walk leaders to assist in providing a varied walk programme. If you would like to Lead for us or simply join one of our walks. Please contact one of the following for further information:-

Allan Matthews:  Tel 07929983493 or Email <allldm14@gmail.com>

Margaret Petrie:  Tel 07929823314 or Email <margaret.petrie19@btinternet.com>

Fiona Moran:       Tel 07982148514 or Email <fionamoran@btinternet.com>


Due to Unforseen circumstances todays walk from Coldstone Cut had to be abandoned. After checking The UCI cycling website it did not show that Greenhow Hill would be closed today. We found out that a decision to close the road was made this morning, so after a diversion to the other side of Greenhow we were still unable to accees the area.