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Group name: Chester le Street

This group is a part of Northumbria Area.

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Our activities include:
Short and easy walks


Corvic 19 updates & FAQ

Please check detail with walk organisers

( please note that RA insurance only covers walks advertised in said area/groups official walk program)


Welcome To Chester-le-Street Ramblers

Chester-le-Street Ramblers are one of 14 groups within the Northumbria Area.

The total area membership was 2047 as of September 2019


Chester-le-Street Ramblers have a current membership of 104 as of October 2019 with 25 to 30 members walking regularly.

Our group walks every Sunday with alternating 09.30 & 10.30 am starts. Walking distances are 7 to 10 miles and we usually have a shorter walk of around 4 to 5 miles. Please check with the relevant walk leader if a shorter walk is available and always check our website for the latest up to date information.

Current Walk Programme  (printable) Please check our website regularly as walk venues/times can change.

 On the first Thursday of every month, a short walk of approximately 4 to 5 miles with a 10.00 a.m. start from "Civic Centre" carpark, (these normally end in a coffee shop.)

NEW On the 3rd Thursday of the month an extra walk (led by Durham RA)  10.00am from C.C. carpark or (10.30 am) from the start point. Details will be published, as soon as available. (always check our website or contact the walk leader. These walks may also end in a coffee shop.)

During the Spring & Summer months, we have Wednesday evening short walks of approximately 4 to 5 miles with a 6.30 pm. start.

All of our walks meet at the old "Civic Centre" car park DH3 3UA, (unless otherwise stated), up to 30 minutes prior, to meet & greet everyone and make car-sharing arrangements before heading off to the start.

This group advocates car sharing, as it reduces the number of cars on already overcrowded roads and reduces the amount of CO2 being pumped into our atmosphere. It also prevents numerous cars parking at the walk start and allows non-car owners to participate in the healthy activity of walking in the beautiful countryside. Passengers are requested to donate a nominal amount to the car drivers, towards fuel, etc.

We provide the opportunity for people to make new friends and improve their health while enjoying walks of a varied nature, We are free to try, and after 3 walks we are sure you will want to join us.


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