South West Sussex

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Group name: South West Sussex

This group is a part of Sussex Area.

In view of the the situation regarding the threat of Covid-19, Coronavirus, your Committee took the decision to cancel the remainder of the then Programme ending in March and the whole of the Spring Summer Programme up to the end of July.

However, following the issue of the latest Government regulations, from Wednesday 1st July, group walks may restart in England only. Initially Group size had to be limited to a maximum of 6 people in total. However regulations effective from Thursday 30th July now permit a Group of up to 30 Walkers, inclusive of the leader(s).

Our walks will use a booking system to manage the size of the group to whatever the Walk Leader(s) decide can be accomodated safely on the walk, up to a maximum of 30

Walkers must follow government guidelines on social contact and physical distancing. Members will understand that, where there is an anticipated high demand for places, priority will be given to South West Sussex Group members. Contact should be made with the Walk Leader prior to attending to book your place. Please do not just turn up for the walk if you have not booked as, if places have been filled, you will not be allowed to join the group.

We have produced a programme of walks for the Autumn programme, August to November. We shall keep abreast of developments and any further changes to regulations will be advised via the website. 

We urge all walkers to respect the interests of all people who use the outdoors and just walk locally to where you live, to avoid crowded areas and to practice social distancing.

If you are walking in local countryside, it is vital to walk responsibly. Be considerate to others and make sure you follow the Countryside Code. You should:

  • leave gates as you find them
  • keep dogs under close control at all times
  • follow advice on local signs
  • take litter home

Where possible, you should also:

  • avoid touching gates and railings with your hands 
  • use alternative routes that do not pass through gardens, farmyards or schools, where social distancing may be difficult
  • avoid popular locations and potentially busy times of day
  • wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water as soon as possible after completing your walk

In happier times, the lovely city of Chichester is the hub for our activities, taking in the South Downs, the coastal plain, Chichester and Pagham Harbours, the Manhood Peninsular, around Arundel and straying in to South East Hampshire, Surrey and the Low Weald. We walk on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year providing a varied programme of walks in terms of location, distance and grade. You are welcome to join any walk without becoming a Ramblers' Association member, but you would be expected to join if you continue to walk with us.




Start of Sussex Border Path Walk from Chalton











At the start of a the Sussex Border Path