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Group name: Hexham

This group is a part of Northumbria Area.

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Our activities include:
Path maintenance


The sad sight of Kirkhaugh Bridge, near Slaggyford, recently closed following storm  damage and now preventing Isaac's Tea Trail from crossing the River South Tyne. Not expected to be open again for 6 months ( at Oct.2018 ).



Walking  is one of the best ways to keep fit, meet friendly people and explore the beauty of our local countryside.  We walk every week, with local, experienced leaders, in all parts of Northumberland and finish a great day out at a tea shop or pub.

                                    We walk in all weathers


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    If you would like to join our group on a walk follow the   links on the right of the page and choose a walk you fancy.


Enjoy 3 free walks to be sure we are the group for you and then sign up to be a member of Ramblers Hexham Group and enjoy all the many benefits.

      We walk every Sunday, starting at 10.15 am, meeting at the start of the walk.

Our walks are not just in and around the North and South Tyne and main Tyne Valleys, we also walk on the Northumberland coast, in the Cheviots, and in south Northumberland and north Durham.

The walks range from 5  - 11 miles. The pace is not fast and there are always stops for drink and lunch breaks. Whenever one is nearby, we finish off the day at a tea shop or pub.

         Please note that we only allow registered assistance dogs on walks.

  Young people under 18 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

We also have a path maintenance group which meets regularly between April and October. We clear vegetation from overgrown paths and replace missing and wornout footpath signs. If you would like to help keep our paths open and accessible, do join us.

For more details about our group and our activities contact our secretary   juliaforster@hotmail.com